Gammie Heffley

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Gammie Heffley
Gammie Heffley.jpg
Gender Female
Age 95

Gammie Heffley is GregRodrick, and Manny's extremely elderly paternal great-grandmother of around 95. She is the mother of Grandpa, Arthur Heffley, Reba Heffley, and Loretta Heffley. She is the oldest living member of the Heffley family and the widow of Chester Heffley, Greg's late great-grandfather.

Gammie has only appeared in The Ugly Truth, but had a major role in the story.

Gammie has a lot of wisdom, and traditionally gives "The Talk" to her older grandchildren and great-grandchildren on the edge of becoming teenagers. Gammie likes visitors as she often makes meals for them. Her furniture is also very valuable, and people often leave notes with their names on her possessions, so they can claim it when Gammie dies. Her last appearance in the book is when she gives "The Talk" to Greg about how he shouldn't be too excited about growing up, but Greg leaves after she pulls up her leg to show Greg medical conditions older people can get. In Cabin Fever, it was mentioned that she gave Susan Heffley a spoon carousel.



  • Gammie is one of the few characters in the series to have a confirmed age of 95. She would therefore be born around 1916.
  • According to the family tree in "The Wimpy Kid Do-It-Yourself Book", Gammie is on Frank's side of the family.
  • In a flashback in Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Cabin Fever, when Greg sneaks into his mother's, email account to tell everyone to coordinate all of the Christmas presents he will get, Gammie's name can be seen on the computer.
  • Gammie made an appearance in a McDonald's Happy Meal Commercial alongside The Pig, Rodrick, and Sweetie.
  • Despite being very caring and well meaning, she may be sometimes annoying when desperate for attention, like when she faked becoming millionaire just to lure the family to her house. When everyone explained her that she mistook the elements of the ticket for the prize, she didn't care at all and served them a previously cooked meal.
  • Even though the content of The Talk is largely considered wise and important, Greg does not allow her to finish talking, nor seems afterwards interested on knowing what she had to tell him.
  • Even though Greg considers sticking notes with names on her furniture a disrespectful attitude, he does it himself by sticking a note with his name on her gramophone.
  • Gammie house is a very boring ambient for younger people, and even dangerous, since there are candy on a candy jar that were there for at least two decades (which Greg ate once and got a bellyache).