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This is the Student Council of Westmore Middle School. Its first known elections were held during Diary of a Wimpy Kid, where Greg was kicked out of elections for posters based on fabrications on Marty Porter. Its unknown if Marty did win or not. In The Third Wheel, the original student council wasn't satisfactory since they were missing their meetings and were playing outside when the meeting were held, so they were removed.To replace them, Vice Principal Roy made another election. There were many candidates for president, but only three were known. The three were Bryan Buttsy, Sydney Greene, and Eugene Ellis. Eugene won by promising better quality toilet papers, while on other hand Javan Hill won the treasurer election, Hillary Pine the vice-president, Olivia Davis the secretary and Rowley Jefferson became the social chairperson since he was the only one running for it. After the toilet paper campaign they started making ideas for getting money to the school. They all kept suggesting different ideas, so Eugene assigned the motocross/wrestling event to Hillary. But when Hillary made a Dance Committee, Eugene and the other guys wanted to change it back. But Mrs. Birch said they need to respect the Student Council opinions. Hillary Pine had invited her friends.

Known Members




  • Rowley became the Social Chairperson since he was the only person running for the position.
  • It is unknown if Marty Porter won the elections.
    • However, it is most likely as he was the only one who wanted to be treasurer. (Other than Greg, who withdrew from the campaign.)