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Mrs. Birch

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Mrs. Birch
Mrs. Birch.png
Age 30s-40s
Gender Female
Actor None

Mrs. Birch was the teacher of the Student Council in The Third Wheel. When Eugene Ellis won the presidency, he made a campaign to replace all cheap toilet paper with expensive ones, but Mrs. Birch said that it was hard to fill every bathroom with it, so she said that everybody could bring toilet paper from home. When they were doing fundraiser, they couldn't come up with a good idea. Eugene told the vice president, Hillary Pine to decide, she made a Dance Committee. Eugene and Javan wanted to change it back to the Motocross/Wrestling event, but she said that they must respect her decision. She only appeared in The Third Wheel.




  • Greg says when Mrs. Birch disagreed with the Motorcycle-Wrestling was probably because she wasn't crazy with motorized vehicles in the gym to begin with.