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Li'l Goodies

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Li'l Goodies are a reward system introduced by Greg in Diary of an Awesome Friendly Kid: Rowley Jefferson's Journal. Greg creates them as a successor to Good Boy Awards, after Rowley refuses to earn any more due to already having a binder full of them. Greg explains that when Rowley does something nice for him, he gives him a Li'l Goodie point. If Rowley gets 50 points, Greg gives him a Fantastic Prize.


Rowley is initially upset about the new point system, but quickly gets excited when Greg tells him about the Fantastic Prize, which is under a sheet. Rowley gets more Li'l Goodies throughout the month, and once he has 50, he asks Greg for the prize. Greg then invents a rule that Li'l Goodies are reset at the start of each month, angering Rowley and causing him to take the sheet off of the prize anyways, revealing the prize to be a basket of Greg's dirty laundry.

Greg says that the laundry basket was "just a test" to see if Rowley would peek at the prize and that the real Fantastic Prize requires 100 Li'l Goodies. Rowley decides to go for this prize instead, but is not "in a rush" to earn it.