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Pete Hosey

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Pete Hosey


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Age 16-19
Gender Male
Actor Nicholas Carey
"I'm gonna rip off your arms, and punch you in the face with your own fists!"
—What Peter says after Greg damages his truck.

Peter "Pete" Hosey is the secondary antagonist in the 1st Diary of a Wimpy Kid book ,he was leader of the teenagers that threw water on Greg and Rowley and is also the main antagonist in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid film. He is unidentified in the book and he is not shown in anymore films besides the first film. He gangs up with Wade and Carter. It is rumored that he is the brother of Chris Hosey. He is the book replacement of Herbie Reamer, from the online version.


He first appears when Greg and Rowley are Trick or Treating on Halloween night. After he sprays water at them, Greg threatens him and his cronies that he will call the police. Hearing this Pete chases them until they hide in Greg's grandmother's house. While waiting, he plays cards with his friends outside his truck. Greg and Rowley manage to get past them by intimidating them with a weed hacker, but ends up scratching his own car. Greg and Rowley manage to escape, only by sneaking through "devil worshiper woods". Pete swears vengeance saying "This isn't over."

Greg and Rowley encounter Pete near the end of the school year, when Pete and his friends find them during recess. Pete makes Rowley eat the cheese and would've done the same to Greg had he not been chased off by Coach Malone (In the book version Greg lies that he is lactose intolerance, making Rowley finish of the cheese alone). He was rumored to have terrorized Rodrick, Greg's big brother and his friends when they were in middle school.