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LEGO is a item that appeared and was mentioned in Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Ugly TruthDiary of a Wimpy Kid: Cabin Fever and Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Double Down.

The Ugly Truth[edit]

In The Ugly Truth, Greg said that there is nothing to entertain in Gammie Heffley's house. He complained to his mom, Susan Heffley a few years ago, so she bought some LEGO Bricks to keep at Gammie Heffley's house. However, Gammie Heffley glued all the LEGO Bricks together in one big block because she didn't like the little piece all over the place.

Cabin Fever[edit]

In Cabin Fever, Christopher Stangel sells LEGO Bricks for fifty cents a piece during the black market for toys, which he participated in.

Double Down[edit]

In Double DownMaddox Selsam owns a lot of LEGO Sets that are built in his room. He also has a large LEGO City. Maddox doesn't allow Greg to touch his LEGO Sets and only lets him use the unused "leftover" parts in a bin. When Greg tried to leave, Maddox accused him of stealing one of his LEGO bricks, so he and Mrs. Selsam patted Greg down but did not find anything. He eventually caught Greg with a tiny LEGO brick stuck to his elbow, kicking him out of the house and ending their relationship.



  • This is one of the brand names items seen in the book series, such as Barbie, Cheerios, Butterfingers, See-and-TalkMagic 8 Ball and other few other branded items.
  • LEGO is based on the real life toys.