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Dancing Mom

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In Rodrick Rules
In Poptropica

When Rodrick and his bandmates were angry about how their performance show's video came out, one of them remembered that it was going to air live on TV the day after. Rodrick's bandmates came to his house to watch the three hour program. When their performance was on, the school did a pretty decent job capturing it.

However, when it got to Rodrick's band, Susan started dancing onstage and whoever was holding the camera zoomed in on her and kept it on her for the rest of the show. The video of Susan dancing was posted on the internet and became very popular—as a result of the video basically going viral, everyone discovered who Löded Diper was and Rodrick became known as "The drummer from the 'Dancing Mom video."

Though Greg admitted that some people were giving him a hard time about the video, he wasn't as embarrassed about it as Rodrick was, especially considering he wasn't in the video like his brother was. Greg claims that Rodrick planned on hiding out in the basement until all the fuss about the video blew over.


  • In the Rodrick Rules film it is known as "Lame Band with Crazy Mom Dancing!!!" and it was uploaded onto the website YouTube by Greg Heffley.
  • It's unknown why Susan would dance to heavy metal music.