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Mrs. Terry

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Mrs. Terry
Unseen Person.png
Name Mrs. Terry
Gender Female
Age 21+
Occupation Elementary school teacher
Status Alive
First appearance Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul

Mrs. Terry is a fifth-grade elementary school teacher who once had Greg Heffley in her class. She is mentioned in The Long Haul.

Greg recalls that a book series called the Underpants Bandits was extremely popular with all of the boys at his elementary school, though it was disliked by teachers for its use of rude humor. Whenever a book report was due in fifth grade, all of the boys would choose an Underpants Bandits book, which made Mrs. Terry hate them even more.

During an assignment where the kids had to write to their favorite author, all of the boys chose Mik Davies, the author of the Underpants Bandits book. Mrs. Terry disallowed this and told them they had to choose someone else to write to, prompting Greg to write to Nathaniel Hawthorne.