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Underpants Bandits

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The Underpants Bandits is a fictional children's book series by Mik Davies, which focuses on two boys named Bryce and Brody who go back in time to steal underwear from famous people so they can put them in a museum. There are 26 known books in the series. They were banned in Greg's school because of the rude humor. It was mentioned in Double Down when Greg says that he saw a Unidentified Kid walking down the hall with his Underpants Bandits book earlier this week, until an Unidentified Eighth-Grader Bully gave him a atomic wedgie.

Known Books[edit]

  • Gandhi's Undergarments
  • Lincoln's Longjohns (upcoming book)
  • Napoleon's Britches
  • Shakespeare's Skivvies
  • Untitled Book With Van Gogh (Unknown title)
  • Untitled Book With Leonardo Da Vinci (Unknown title)
  • Cleopatra's Pantyhose
  • Grant's Trousers
  • Bach's Boxers
  • Underpants Bandits


Names in other languages[edit]

  • Spanish: Los Ladrones de Calzoncillos


  • This may be a spoof of Captain Underpants, a book series by Dav Pilkey, due to the authors' similar names, rude humor, and "Underpants" in the title. The sequence featuring the parents trying to get the books banned could also be a jab at parents who complained about the toilet humor in the actual Captain Underpants books.
  • This may also be a spoof of Time Bandits, a 1981 British fantasy film. Both include characters going back in time to steal things.