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Corey Lamb

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Corey Lamb


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Age 12
Gender Male
Actor None

Corey Lamb (called Scotty Lamb in the online version) was a minor character in the third novel (The Last Straw); in this book, he was falsely accused by the bullies of taking Mrs. Craig's dictionary and was violently frisked for it. Later, he took the dictionary from Alex Aruda (the real culprit) and put it on Mrs. Craig's desk at the same time that the teacher coincidentally walked in at the exact time he put the dictionary back on the desk and believed he was the thief who took the dictionary. As a result, he was forced to stay in from recess for at least 3 weeks. Greg says at least he has Alex Aruda to play with. Though not quite as smart as Alex Aruda he is smart and often uses lengthy words.