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Name Tobuk
Occupation Role in Wise Up, Mr. Shropsharp!
First appearance Diary of a Wimpy Kid (online)
Last appearance Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Last Straw

Tobuk is a fictional character from a story that Greg Heffley wrote. He is a polar bear in The Last Straw and an Eskimo in the online book.

In the story, a man named Mr. Shropsharp drives his car off a bridgestop in a body of water. Tobuk, who is sitting on an iceberg nearby, saves him from drowning. As a result, Mr. Shropsharp, who had previously thought that polar bears were useless, learns that they're not so useless after all.

In the online version of the story, Tobuk is seen initially paddling by on a kayak instead.



  • It's possible that Tobuk was changed from being an Eskimo to a polar bear in the book series due to the racial undertones of Mr. Shropsharp disliking Native Alaskan-Americans.
  • Even though Tobuk was the only reason Mr. Shropsharp's survived, he does not become important in the story, and still is not properly respected by him.