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Thunder Volt

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Thunder Volt is a game on the boardwalk. Greg spent over $50 on the game to get a high score and wanted to show Rowley. However, the person who got the next highest score was jealous, since his name was "Is An Idiot", making it say "Greg Heffley Is An Idiot". This game also appeared in Wimpy Boardwalk.

High Scores

  1. Greg Heffley-25320
  2. Is An Idiot-25310
  3. Jarhead 71-24200
  4. Reckless-22100
  5. Craveni-21500
  6. Pokechimp-21250
  7. Wild Dog-21200
  8. Zippy-20300
  9. Snarl Carl-20100
  10. Leighandrew-19250




  • Though not shown in the books, it is shown on Poptropica that the game is based on Tanks by Kee Games and various tank games by Namco.