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Tender Hugs

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Tender Hugs is a dental office located at Tall Pines Shopping Mall. It meant for small children, and their mascot appears to be a small elephant named Peanut. In The Ugly Truth, Greg claims that he's been going there since he was two—however, in the fifth book, Frank (feeling that Greg's way too old to be going to a dentist like that) ended up switching his son over to his own dentist, Dr. Salazar Kagan.

Part of the reason that Greg liked going to Tender Hugs was because he had a huge crush on a hygienist named Rachel. Greg also says that they are totally his type of operation, since they take a more relaxed approach to their patients.

In the original online version, the place is called Gentle Dental and it's mentioned that Greg doesn't go there and is already going to Dr. Kagan's online counterpart, Dr. Alcazar. Greg says that he's tried convincing his mom to switch him over to Gentle Dental, but she refuses.