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Taylor Pringle

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Taylor Pringle
Age 7-8
Gender Female
Actor Dalila Bela

Taylor Pringle is a character who appears in the film versions of Rodrick Rules and Dog Days.


In Rodrick Rules Taylor says, "Poop! He's pooped his pants!" when Greg had melted chocolate on his trousers. In Dog Days, when Greg was too afraid to make a dive in the swimming pool, she says, "Are you talking to yourself? Yeah you were. You're talking to yourself because you're scared." When Greg falls into the water, his trunks are ripped off by the diving board, leaving him naked in the pool. Taylor realizes this and starts giggling at him. She then throws Greg's trunks far away to the pool entrance, forcing Greg to cross the pool and nearly be caught naked by Holly Hills & Patty Farrell. Greg had no other choice but to wear a pair of girls' trunks, for which he is humiliated by Patty & the public. Seeing this, Taylor is very satisfied with herself.


  • Taylor is played by Odd Squad actor Dalila Bela.
  • Her name is only known because in Rodrick Rules, someone mentions her name during her birthday party.
  • She always seems to target Greg and humiliate him, probably because he ruined her birthday cake at the roller skating rink.