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Soak Central

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The Soak Central Water Park only appears in The Long Haul. It is not the same as the one seen in Dog Days, and Greg comes here with his family.


When the heffley family were looking for places to go based on hotel lobby flyers,Greg suggested that they go here,but then mom said it looked "artificial".However later on Greg came here with family to make-up for the trip to water park in which it rained and they had to go back. They got a locker and put all their stuff into it and later went to swim. Greg and Rodrick go to one of the pools to play hide and seek, they made the hider hold a paper so that he doesn't goes underwater and if he does it would get wet, Greg went first, but what he didn't realize was that on the other side of paper it was written that he wasn't wearing a bathing suit, which made everyone run and one of the lifeguards came down to get him out. They had kept their things on a seat with broken straps, which got stolen by the Beardos. They didn't find the key and Greg remembered the locker number but when they opened it was empty. They thought their stuff was stolen by the Beardos. Later in the end Greg finds the key in the pocket of one of his shorts and the number was different and he had said the wrong number and the Beardos may not have been the thieves.


Known attractions

  • 2 waterslides
  • lazy river
  • wave pool
  • snack bar