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Reading Is Fun

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The Reading Is Fun club is a club that Susan Heffley started in Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days. Its creation was sparked when Greg was caught having watched a horror film with Rowley during their sleepover. She lectures Greg about how this generation doesn’t know “what REAL entertainment is”. She then founds the club, and some of the boys in their neighborhood join. Greg was begging his mom to give him a regular punishment instead but she didn't budge.

Club Membership

The club included six known members at its start, the only two notable members being Greg and Rowley. As Greg stated, club membership “took a big hit overnight”. By the next day, the only members were Greg and Rowley. By Friday of that week, Rowley has abandoned the club and it became only Greg as a member. The club was enevtually dissolved when Rowley's father informed Susan of the debt Greg brought him through the country club.