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Gender Male

Quinn was a kid in Greg's pre-school, and the joker of Greg's class who had one joke which freaked Greg out. He also appeared in Rodrick Rules on page 109, and in the online version.


These are the only known jokes he performed.

Ice Cream Joke 

This joke appeared in the both the online version and Rodrick Rules. The joke starts with Quinn going in front of the kid and asking him if he likes ice-cream or not, if the kid says he does like it, he will say "why don't you marry it?", which freaked Greg out when he first heard it. In the online version, he said "do you love ice-cream?" instead of "do you like ice-cream?".

Look Up And Down and Around Joke

This joke only appeared in the online version of the book, the jokes starts with Quinn going in front of a kid and tell him to look up, down and around, after the kid is looking up he would say "Your pants are falling down!".