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Plainview Municipal Pool

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This is the local town pool. It only appeared in Rodrick Rules and Dog Days. It has many different sections of pools, every time one lifeguard has to move sections. Activities like the swimming team's practice and Water Jazz are also done here. Also for fifteen minutes, children are not allowed on the pool, so Greg used to go to the pool for younger children but he was put off as a little boy announced that he was peeing in the pool.

Greg is also scared off the diving boards at the deep end of the pool as Rodrick pushed him off once, because Rodrick told him a clown was giving away free toys on the top. He also dislikes going through the shower area because there are naked men there.

In Double Down, in a flashback, Rodrick told Greg that if you wear camouflage, you are invisible to everyone else, which ended up getting Greg banned from the pool for the rest of the summer.

  • Known lifeguards