Original Peachy Breeze Kid

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Original Peachy Breeze Kid

As a child.

Gender Male
Age 20s-30s
Actor None

The Original Peachy Breeze Kid was the first ever Peachy Breeze Kid selected by Peachy Breeze. (The Ugly Truth)

Frank hated the commercials so much that he once sprained his ankle trying to turn off the TV when a Peachy Breeze advertisement was on (online version). In the book, he wrote an angry letter to Peachy Breeze every time he saw the commercial, saying that he would never buy any of their products, but he would always get coupons for free ice-cream from them as a response. Once the Peachy Breeze Kid grew up, he was replaced by Scotty Douglas.


  • According to Greg, he used to be cute but over the years he got a little seedy-looking and gross because he grew up.