Mar 24, 2023

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Nolan Tiago

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Nolan Tiago
Gender Male
Age 12
Actor None

Nolan Tiago is a boy in Greg's grade and also sits in the same lunch-table as Greg. On Fridays, Greg's cafeteria serves burgers, but according to Greg they taste like a "wet sponge" and are grey in color and the french fries are made from sweet potato. However, Nolan Tiago's Mother works at Westmore Middle School, as a part-time librarian in the library and gets him food from a nearby fast-food restaurant. Nolan lets the kids have whatever fries fell into the bag, but this caused fights so Alex Aruda decided to divide them equally. Later, other boys would even pay him a dime just to smell the french fries on his breath since there only 3 fries, which caused Abigail and Rowley to move to the Couples Table.