Nasty Pants

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Nasty Pants
Nasty Pants.png
Gender Male
Age 5 (book)
"You smell like a dirty diaper. P.U.!"
—Nasty Pants, to Frank Heffley and Robert Jefferson

Nasty Pants is a five year old who used to frighten Greg and Rowley when they were going past his neighborhood while going to school. Greg and Rowley started taking a short-cut to escape the bullying of him.

Soon they got fed up of Nasty and told Mr. Roy about it, he said he can't help because Nasty doesn't goes to their school, so they told their dads and they went to Nasty's house.

Nasty's Mother said that he is only 5 years old and sometimes gets wounded up a little.

In the online version he doesn't appear and is mentioned. It is said in the online version that he has a group of thugs who hang out with him in the woods.[1] This hints that he was not meant to be 5 years old in the online version.