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Laundry Hoop

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The Laundry Hoop was an item given to Greg on Christmas by his uncle Charlie Heffley. He was supposed to throw his dirty clothes in it and it would make doing laundry "fun". Greg thought this was a joke at first, but then he realized that it wasn't. Greg told Charlie that it would be better if he just gave him the money that he bought the Laundry Hoop for, and then he could buy something he really needed. But Susan Heffley said that the Laundry Hoop was a great idea and made Greg keep it. In Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days Greg can be seen playing with it in his room.


  • This is a real life product. It is an as seen on TV product known as Hamer Hoops with nearly the same design and use.
  • In the game Wimp Wars, in one of the action games, you have to throw a pair of underpants into the