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Jordan Jury

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"Hey Dudes! You're invited to my party!"
—Jordan Jury gives a invitation to Greg and Rowley to his party.

Jordan Jury
Jordan Jury.png
Gender Male
Age 13-14
Actor None

Jordan Jury  (known as Jimmy Jury in the Online book) is a teenager who is the most popular in the grade above Greg's, and can only be described as a party animal. He seems to be very charming; easily coaxing Greg and his peer group in with fake invitations. He serves as a minor antagonist for the Ugly Truth.


Jordan is quite famous mainly for throwing huge parties, which are quite crazy and have many enjoyable things. All the kids try to get invited into his party in order to boost their popularity. According to Greg, its very hard to get invited to his party. After Greg got his notebook when the teachers were giving hand-me-down books from kids above Greg's grade, Greg got one of Jordan's old textbooks, so Greg thought that could get him some popularity points and possibly an invitation to his party. In The Ugly Truth, Jordan invited kids in Greg's grade to his party. But on the same day, it was Greg's Uncle Gary's wedding so Greg had to unfortunately miss the party. It was only later when Greg came back, he found out he was fortunate not to go to his party because he heard that Jordan only invited kids from Greg's grade to use them as servants for his own doing.




  • He is known as "Jimmy Jury" in the online version of Diary of a Wimpy Kid.
    • In the online version, it is Kristina Erickson, not Jordan Jury that throws huge parties for kids, however Jury still makes an appearance.