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Age 40s-50s-60s
Gender Female
Actor None

Isabella was the maid of the Heffleys during The Ugly Truth.

A note from her.


Role in The Ugly Truth[edit]

She was hired by Susan Heffley. Before she came in to the house, Susan made everyone clear up all the mess because she thinks that Isabella might think they live in a place that can be compared to a "pigsty". She is a very old lady. When Isabella came, there was nothing left to clean so she sat onto the couch and started watching T.V. When Susan got back, she thought Isabella cleaned it all (probably forgetting about her job cleaning the house) and didn't know that the family actually cleaned the house. Isabella started to become lazy, not doing chores and eating all the snacks in the pantry. Greg wanted her to do his laundry, but Susan didn't tell Isabella to do Greg's laundry, so Greg wrote a note with a fake signature of Susan. However, she kept asking questions through the notes like "Which child is Gregory?" and such. She also took naps in Greg's bed and Greg would find her pantyhose socks on his bed. One day, when Susan was studying at the library, Isabella called all the fellow maids in the street and had a T.V watching party with food, but Susan came back early because Greg was sick, she saw Isabella and other maids and they walked out the door. Isabella was then fired by Susan as a result.


Isabella was a very lazy maid as she always stayed on the couch watching T.V and eating a lot of the snacks and would take naps. She also was either very forgetful or just making excuses when she didn't do Greg's laundry.


  • In theOnline version her looks were quite different. A look like this is seen as one of the chaperones in the Lock-In.