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Help:Group rights

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While anyone on Diary of a Wimpy Kid Wiki has access to reading and contributing to our wiki, there are also a number of special user roles that exist on Diary of a Wimpy Kid Wiki with advanced user rights, intended to help prevent spam and vandalism. The following is a description of these rights.



This applies to all users who are logged in. They can:

Autoconfirmed users, however, have access to a few more features.

Autoconfirmed users

Users who are automatically confirmed to be actual contributors to the wiki can:

  • Move articles and other pages.
  • Edit semi-protected pages.
  • Bypass the CAPTCHA.
  • Upload a new version of an existing file.



Administrators, also known as "sysops" or just "admins", are users who are trustworthy and continually make constructive edits. Administrators can:

  • Change wiki prefixes in Special:Interwiki.
  • Delete and undelete pages, page histories, images, or files.
  • Protect a page so it cannot be edited or moved by users without admin rights.
  • Blocking contributors who break the rules.
  • Rollback disruptive/unconstructive edits.


A bureaucrat is a user who is a trusted admin but has access to a few more features than an admin has. With the same rights as admins, bureaucrats can:

  • Grant (and revoke) administrator or bureaucrat status to other users.
  • Rename users.

Interface administrators

Interface administrators are the only users with the ability to edit sitewide CSS and JS pages (such as MediaWiki:Common.css, MediaWiki:Vector.css, interface messages which are interpreted as raw HTML, or the gadget pages listed on Special:Gadgets), and other users' personal CSS/JS pages. JS and CSS pages are executed by the browser of wiki editors and readers as code, which can be used to change how content is styled, change the behavior of pages, or even implement highly complicated gadgets such as HotCat.


Suppressors are users associated with cutting out abuse of the edit system (where edits appear on lists such as the history or recent changes list). They can:

  • Hide a username from the public.
  • Delete specific log entries and specific revisions of pages.
  • View private logs and revisions that are hidden from other users.



A "bot" is an automated process, program, or script that makes it easier for a user to make tedious or repetitive edits and actions on a wiki. When a bot is running in quick succession, the recent changes log can sometimes be overtaken, making it harder to spot more substantial edits by regular users. Giving an account a "bot flag" will hide these edits from the recent changes list (although any editor can still choose to see them by clicking "Show bots").