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Unseen Person.png Since this subject has no official name, the name Bully is conjectural. Unseen Person.png
Gender Male
Age 13-15
Actor None
—-The Bully Punching Greg

This child appears to be a fictional character who appeared in one of the first pages in Diary of a Wimpy Kid and it's online version. He is seen punching Greg in the hall at school, evidently because Greg is carrying a diary. In Rodrick Rules, Rodrick remakes the scene. It is currently unknown if he will make a physical appearance, or if he is only part of Greg's imagination. He later reappears in Double Down.



  • He appeared in Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Diary of a Wimpy Kid Online.
  • He is seen in the film at the beginning, where he punched Greg, saying "Sissy!", while Greg goes to his front to show his diary and then falls when he punched Greg.
  • He is, not counting Greg, the first to appear in the whole series.
  • Rodrick copied him in Rodrick Rules, so it is possible that he saw Greg getting bullied.