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Wimpy Kid Club

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Wimpy Kid Club is the official UK Diary of a Wimpy Kid site. It has games, activities, teacher resources, wallpapers, and information about the books.

The site used to have a Mom Bucks leaderboard, and users could create an account to get on the leaderboard. However, after Wimp Wars went defunct, the accounts and the leaderboard were deleted.



  • The site misspells Zoo-Wee Mama! as "Zoo-wee Mama!"
  • The study guide for The Third Wheel reads that Greg and Rowley name their detective company "Private Eyes." This is incorrect, as they name it "Private Eyes For Hire."
  • The Dog Days study guide states that Greg and Rowley start "a VIP lawn service," confusing the name of the company (V.I.P. Lawn Service) for a descriptor.
  • Question 19 in the trivia game made to promote The Long Haul misspells Rodrick's name as "Roderick."
  • The Greg's Neighborhood game spells Holly Hills' name as "Holly Hill" and "Holly Hill's."


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