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V.I.P Lawn Service

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V.I.P Lawn Service was a company Greg Heffley and Rowley Jefferson created to pay off an $83 fruit smoothie bill to Rowley's dad, Robert Jefferson. The first customer was a friend of Greg's Grandma, Mrs. Canfield. However, they did not get paid because Greg avoided all the dog poop on her lawn's grass due to the strict policy of dog poop. This means he would not just avoid each poop, but the whole areas around the poops, making almost the whole garden grass remaining untouched. Then, out of good citizenship, his father did the remainder of the work and didn't even ask for the money. Greg says it didn't go exactly as he planned but he put an advertisement sign in front of her yard. Greg says that he could start up the company again as V.I.P Snow Removal during the winter.


Just like Frank did only agree to finish the job for free out of good citizenship, Mrs. Canfield probably did only accept the services out of kindness to Greg's grandmother, since the "references" she got through the phone were tremendously suspicious (and in fact, false), Greg and Rowley did not have the proper equipment, and also they did not have their own means to get to the client's house, needing to be driven by her to her own house, only for them to spill gasoline onto her garden and ruin the whole service.