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The Cheese

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The Cheese is a piece of cheese found on the blacktop at Westmore Middle School. It got there when some kid put it there, and then it was never removed, which eventually lead to it becoming a moldy piece of cheese. At that time, kids would avoid that side of the blacktop. The Cheese also lead to the Cheese Touch were, whoever has the Cheese Touch must pass it on to another person by touching or tapping them, similarly to the game Tag. The Cheese Touch game started when one kid touched the cheese. It was taken very seriously, were some kids would do whatever they could to avoid the person who had the Cheese Touch, and in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid (film) would even try to stay far away from there friends if they had the touch.

The touch ended in the first Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie when a kid named Darren Walsh had the Cheese Touch and moved away from the school, taking the touch with him.

The Cheese Touch returned in the books and towards the end of the first movie, when some bullies come up to Greg and Rowley after school, when no adults or teachers were around to stop them. They force Greg to eat the cheese, but Greg lies and says he is allergic to dairy, causing Rowley to have to eat it. In the first movie, when Rowley eats the cheese, the kids who are watching realize Rowley has touched the cheese when eating it, and the cheese touch returns.

In Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Double Down, the Cheese Touch has ended, and some kids at Westmore Middle School try to bring it back in the form of other touches, such as the Roast Beef Touch. This touch began after the teachers didn't want the nonsense to start again, and a kid ignored this, and then snuck Roast Beaf onto the basketball court (were the cheese had been before). He then tells a nearby kid that they now have the Roast Beef Touch. However, it did not get the same effect as the Cheese Touch.