Jul 04, 2020

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This user is a staff member on this wiki. This user has the power to make special adjustments, such as protecting pages from regular users' edits to prevent abuse and deleting bad pages. Most importantly, this user can block misbehaving editors.


From Pikmin Fanon.

This is placed on the user page of administrators, and bureaucrats. It places a simple note marking the user's title. It can also detail whether this user is an active, inactive, or semi-active administrator, and/or bureaucrat.

User pages with this template will be categorized on Category:Staff.


Parameter Mandatory Default Purpose Detailed description
1 No If this user wields the role of bureaucrat, give this value a "y".
2 No State If this staff member is inactive, give this the value "inactive". If they're semi-active, give this the value "semi", "semi-active" or "semi-inactive".