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A seagull in The Long Haul film

Seagulls are animals that appear in the book and the film versions of Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul


The seagulls are grey and white birds. Their heads are while, while their wings are grey. Their tails are black on the end, and their legs are pinkish-yellow.

In the books, they are drawn like seagulls in Jeff Kinney's art style. They do not have any coloring.


The seagulls live for food. They aren't above diving into a car to get Cheez Curls. They're also very aggressive.


Greg and his family are driving when they reach a long bridge. Frank Heffley, who is scared of bridges, lets Rodrick drive. While Rodrick is driving the car, Greg is eating a bag of cheese curls. Seeing the seagull, he throws a cheese curl at it and it catches it in midair. Greg tries to give it another, but Susan tells him they are aggressive. Then the seagull flies on top of the car and then flies down into the car, It wanted more, but since Greg didn't want to give, it got angry and tried to steal the bag There was a tug of war between Greg and the seagull over the bag. However, Greg loses causing all the cheese curls to fall and spread all over the car.