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Age 16-18
Gender Male
Actor None

Rodrigo was a teenager who monitored the Teen Zone at Isla de Corales in The Getaway.


Rodrigo looks nearly identical to Rodrick, except that he has a different hairstyle, a bigger nose, and a goatee.


Role in Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Getaway[edit]

Rodrigo first appears when he was seen in charge of the beach clean-up. Later in the book he takes all the kids to the Tween Zone to lock all of them inside to play tennis but he only leaves them the tennis balls, but then suddenly all the kids notice who Greg was so they all start to throw the tennis balls at him, causing Greg to climb the tall fence in which they are all trapped but Greg manages to escape it. Afterwards, Greg goes to Rodrigo who was in his room at the counselor's building to get help but Rodrigo was helpless to Greg. Greg then decides to just leave because Rodrigo wasn‘t much of a help, and then goes to find his family. Later Rodrigo is seen in the beach when the Heffleys were taking photos for the Christmas cards. Rodrigo was kissing Rodrick’s girlfriend, causing Rodrick to get mad and to not smile in the photos knowing that his love interest likes another guy instead of him.



  • He is sort of a parody of Rodrick and has a similar personality. Appropriately, his name is the Spanish version of Rodrick's name.