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Rodney James

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Rodney James


Rodney james.jpg

Age 12
Gender Male
Actor Ryan Grantham

Rodney James is a student of Westmore Middle School and a minor character. In the first book, he appeared for the first time in September, when the "The Wizard of Oz" play began. He played as a bush (which was a made-up character). He figured out how to sneak a game into the bush and play without getting caught, Before the play began, Rodney got stage fright and the production was delayed. His mom had to remove him and take him home.


  • In the film, he was seen playing Mario Kart DS on a Nintendo DS, but later during the play he did not play a bush and was part of the Tree scene.
  • According to Jeff Kinney, Rodney James was held back during the events of Rodrick Rules.