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Player Expo is a gaming convention center that appeared in The Long Haul (film). According to Greg, the place is heaven to him, and he needs to get there, no matter what. It is located in Indianapolis, the capital city of Indiana.

In The Long Haul (film), Greg makes his plans to go there during the road trip to Meemaw's place for her birthday. He and Rodrick also end up having to go there as a part of a deal they made, and they have some fun at the place. He manages to make it there and was successful until his cover gets blown from being on TV, which Susan saw. While Greg tried to have a video of himself with Mac Digby, his favorite streamer, he got noticed by Mac and ended up disrupting the latter's game by accident. Susan eventually shows up to get Greg and in the process reveals that he was Diaper Hands. Greg ends up leaving embarrassed and facing the wrath of his mother. After scolding him and accusing him of not caring about the family having a nice road trip, Greg rebuts to her that she never cared about what he liked and that if she did, he wouldn't have had to sneak off in the first place, which resulted in Susan giving him her phone for him to have fun.