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Peachy Breeze is an ice cream appeared in Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Ugly Truth and the online verison. The motto is "Peachy Breeze is Peachy Keen!" The original spokesperson was the Peachy Breeze Kid. At the end of The Ugly Truth (and at one part in the online version,) Scotty Douglas became the new spokeperson.

In the books and online version

Frank Heffley absolutely hates the Peachy Breeze Kid, and whenever the commercial comes on, he messages Peachy Breeze and tell's them that their commercial is annoying and how he'll never buy any of their products. But, every time he calls them, they send back coupons for free Peachy Breeze ice cream in the mail.

Due to the previous Peachy Breeze Kid getting too old for his role, Greg's local TV-station started holding auditions to find the next Peachy Breeze Kid—Greg found a flier for the auditions and thought Susan wanted him to try out, but it later turned out that she actually intended for Manny to try out for the role, though Greg still ended up trying out.

Though Greg did his best, he was ultimately turned down for the role—in the online version, Greg admits that while he's kind of bummed he didn't get the part, he's at least glad that his audition went a lot better than Manny's did: as it would seem, Manny was allergic to something in the ice cream (presumably the peaches) and his lips ended up swelling up like a balloon, so he didn't get the role either.

In the end, Scotty Douglas (the 1st-grader who was Greg's partner for the Winter Talent Show in Rodrick Rules) was chosen as the new Peachy Breeze Kid, despite him not even getting the slogan right in the auditions.