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Old-Timey Ice Cream Parlour

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The Old-Timey Ice Cream Parlour is a place where Rodrick was previously employed. It first appeared in Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Old School. It is one of the places where the staff comes to the table to sing your birthday if it's your birthday. Rodrick first worked here after help by Susan to find a job from ads in the newspapers help wanted section. This is one of the few restaurants where Greg and his family eat together. Rowley also ate here as mentioned when it was his birthday. Susan mentioned at this place that it was Manny's birthday when it probably wasn't. It is also mentioned that it's hard to detect where Rodrick is. Children seem to hate Old-Timey Tobias (which is the restaurant's mascot) as they were seen throwing food and drink at him. Rodrick ended up getting a ticket due to Old-Timey’s mascot suit's head being used to make it look like another person was in the car so he could use the carpool lane to get to work during traffic.