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Narcs are a type of uncover students mentioned in The Third Wheel and The Meltdown. Their job is to pretend to be middle school students and report the bad kids.


The Third Wheel

Greg mentioned the NARC assembly was one of his favorite assemblies at his school, so he tried to be a NARC himself where he reported David Marks to Mrs. Johnson for shooting spitballs. He also started his own company with Rowley called "Private Eyes For Hire". Although nobody wanted to be in it, they still had success when they found Mr. Millis has all the movie channels.

The Meltdown

Rodrick tells Greg about a NARC in school and he started to wonder if there are any Narcs in his class. He thinks that Shane Browning may be one due to the fact he looks older, so he passes a note to him saying Jason Swann is chewing gum.


  • In the real world, a "narc" is a slang term for a narcotics officer. A narcotics officer is a type of police officer who specializes in illegal drugs.