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Nana Heffley

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Age 60s-70s; deceased
Gender Female
Actor None

Nana Heffley[1] (also known as Grammie Heffley[2]) was Grandpa's wife, and the mother of Frank Heffley, Joe Heffley and Gary Heffley. Like her husband, she lived in Leisure Towers (apartment 10A). She died at some point prior to the series, leaving Grandpa a widower.


Although Nana never appears in the present in the books, her name, phone number, and address can be seen in the Heffley family's phone book in Wimpy Wonderland on Poptropica. Since Grandpa is single (and dated a widow named Darlene in Hard Luck), it is presumed that they divorced and/or that she passed away before the events of the series. She notably was not present at her son Gary's wedding to Sonja in The Ugly Truth. Her first visual appearance in the book series was in Cabin Fever, in a flashback to Frank's childhood. When she heard about her son's problems about Billy Staples she along with her husband went to Billy's house and told Mr. Staples about his actions.

An elderly version of Nana also appears in The Wimpy Kid Do-It-Yourself Book, on Greg's family tree.

She is also briefly mentioned in Old School. Here, Grandpa tells that when Frank was in middle school, he and his friend Giles raided the kitchen drawer for silverware, and stashed their loot all over the neighborhood. When Nana realized her forks and knives were missing, she made the boys dig them all up and bring them back.

In Double Down she made an appearance. It is confirmed that she is dead, due to the fact that in the preview, she is seen watching Greg over a cloud and Susan reckons she watches him from Heaven.

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