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Mrs. Irvine

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Mrs. Irvine

Mrs. Irvine.JPG

Mrs. Irvine - Movie.jpg

Gender Female
Age 40's-50's
Actor Karin Konoval
"Rowley Jefferson, the principal is going to hear about this!"
—Mrs. Irvine mistaking Greg for Rowley when Greg was scaring the kindergartners.

Mrs. Irvine is Rowley's family's neighbor and has not been mentioned since the first book. She is also Mrs. Jefferson's friend. After Greg and Rowley join the school's safety patrol, their first task as a safety patrol member is to escort the kindergartners home. When Rowley broke his hand, Greg took on the job by himself. Since there were many worms on the ground, Greg decided to "have a little fun" with the kindergartners by chasing them around with a worm. However, Mrs. Irvine happened to be watching from outside, and since Greg was wearing Rowley’s cap (coat in the movie), she told "Rowley" that she was telling the school about what had happened. In the movie Greg put the kindergartners in a ditch because of the car from the teenagers from Halloween. So Greg exaggerated about flesh eating aliens are coming. But the car is from someone else. That's when Mrs. Irvine was watching. Greg made a run for it.One of the kindergartners said to Mrs. Irvine, "Are you going to eat us?".