Michael Sampson

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Michael Sampson
Gender Male
Age 12-14
Actor None

Michael Sampson is the on and off boyfriend of Abigail Brown.


Role in The Third Wheel

He is first shown on Greg's Relationship Chart list, showing he is dating Abigail and that Cherie Bellanger likes him. Before the dance, Michael said to Abigail he would not go to the dance because of family obligations. However, at 9.00 PM at the dance, he came with Cherie, causing Abigail to cry as he had cheated on her.

Role in Hard Luck

Michael got back together with Abigail after the yearbook photos. It is implied that the only reason Abigail went out with Rowley was to make Michael jealous after he cheated on her.


  • It's unknown why he cheated on Abigail
  • He and Abigail were a couple again near the end of Hard Luck.