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Mariana Mendoza

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Mariana Mendoza


Age 12-14
Gender Female
Actor None

Mariana Mendoza is a character who is know for holding legendary middle school Halloween parties. The parties are legendary because her parents Mr. Mendoza and Mrs. Mendoza let her hold whatever kind of party she wants (even allowing her to play super loud music) as long as it stays in the basement. However, one year so many people were invited that the party spilled outside and the police had to come shut it down. As a result, the next year she says she will only invite the middle school band, and ultimately invites only the woodwind section of the band.



  • Greg said that she sat next to Rowley in Music Class.
  • She might be related to Emilio Mendoza due to both of them sharing the same last name, however this could just be a coincidence.
  • Her surnames indicates she might be from Basque.