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Madison (left) with Heather
Actor Elise Gatien

Madison is the friend of Heather Hills. She often follows Heather around. When Heather started freaking out because the DJ for her Sweet Sixteen cancelled his service, Greg Heffley told Heather about Löded Diper, and Heather said the name was gross. Madison told Heather it would be cool to have a live band as no one else at their school had a real band. At the Sweet Sixteen, Rodrick Heffley (the creator of Löded Diper who is in love with Heather) sang a terrible rock version of Baby. Heather got mad and tried to hit him with a microphone stand but he ducked and she hit a chocolate fountain. The chocolate fountain fell over and the chocolate splattered onto Madison and Heather. Rowley Jefferson dipped strawberries on her as he wanted chocolate with his strawberries.

Madison and Heather sprayed


  • Madison first appeared as a minor character in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days (2012 film).
  • It is very unlikely that she or Heather Hills appear in any more movies.
  • Even though Madison does not appear in the books, she does appear as one of Greg's drawings in the credits when he tries to show his muscles to Madison and Heather.
  • Despite not liking her, Greg still tries to show her his muscles in the credits.
  • She goes to Crossland High School as she says that Heather would be the first at their school to have a real band and Heather goes to Crossland High School.
  • She might be a Country Club member.