International Showcase

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International Showcase was an event at Westmore Middle School. It was assigned in November and shown in January of the following year. Students had to make a trifold about their country, dress as someone from that culture, and provide a food item native to the region. No two students may have the same country. Greg wanted to do his project on Italy because he loves pizza. However too many people requested Italy, so the teacher chose Dennis Tracton, and Greg was forced to do his assignment on Malta. Greg did not know anything about Malta and procrastinated until the day of the showcase, where he guessed randomly on the trifold, took random clothing items from Lost & Found, and made a fake "national food" from food in the cafeteria. During the showcase, the room was heated, and the student presenting Brazil and the student presenting Bulgaria got into an argument. The argument erupted into a fight, and everyone was against everyone. Greg thought he would get away with his rushed project by the distraction the fight caused, but he was still forced to redo.


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