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Hero Points

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Hero Points were a short-lived system in at Westmore Middle School that appear in Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Hard Luck. They were designed as a reward system for the students.


The Hero Points were made in a similar fashion to Mom Bucks from Rodrick Rules, primarily in the sense that they can be exchanged for goods.

They were printed in sheets and separated from each other. Shortly after their introduction, Erick Glick got one of the sheets and managed to photocopy counterfeit Hero Points, and sold them for a quarter at recess. Soon after, the teachers were suspicious that some of the worst-behaved students started turning in many Hero Points for extra recess, so the school invalidated the white ones and started printing them on green paper. However, photocopies of green Hero Points were made shortly after, and the school went through many more colors, with the same result.

Eventually, the school got tired of this practice and made a rule that only five or less Hero Points could be redeemed at once. Any children who received more than that were given detention because it could be counterfeit. After the janitor found out the secret base where photocopies were made, the school shut the Hero Points system down.