Guess Who?

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Guess Who? is a party game that Greg played with some other kids at the Lock-In party in The Ugly Truth.

How to Play

The point of the game is that some players are teamed up and each team has to take a camera and take a close-up of a teammate and the other team had to guess who is in the picture. After each team took their photos, they must hang them somewhere. Then, all the other teams would also do the same and then point out. The team which wins will have free ice-cream sandwiches from the cafeteria.


The Ugly Truth

In the Ugly Truth, Greg, Nicky Wood, George Fleer, Tyson Sanders, and Christopher Brownfield are put in

Mr Tanner looking suspicious at Tyson Sanders' elbow .png

the same team. They took a photo of Christopher's back, but caught a other team's player spying on them. So they took some of the elbow of Tyson. However the adults think its a photo of somebody's butt, so they all run and hide. But then, Tyson stood up and told the teachers everything and even proved it was of his elbow. The winner also had ice-cream sandwiches, but the winner was unknown. There was an also board game called Guess Who?. You can find it in