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Game Hut

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Game Hut (Electronic Hut in the online version) is a game store from where Greg buys all of his video games and consoles from.


Its first appearance is in Dog Days where Greg and Rowley secretly camp there after Greg was banned from seeing Rowley due to the beach incident. Rowley thinks Greg has electrical powers, so he makes Greg promise he won't use them. Greg agrees, and they wait in shifts to make sure no one takes their spot. However, Greg decides to play a prank on Rowley by moving his hand like a spider in hopes of Rowley thinking it's the Muddy Hand. But this backfires, since Rowley smashes Greg's hand with a mallet and makes it start throbbing. Right after that, the Game Hut employee comes to the store and Greg explains they're there for the tournament, so he has Greg play Rowley in a death match of Twisted Wizard, but Greg loses 15-0 due to his thumb being in so much pain. Rowley wins, and Greg presumably has a "big fight" with him there as it immediately cuts to the part where Rowley walks away from the store with a giant box of chocolate covered raisins. Rowley is never seen again in the book after this.

It makes a minor appearance in Cabin Fever, where Susan takes the book to the Game Hut because she thinks the employee sold her inappropriate material when really Greg swapped the game CD with Rodrick's heavy metal CD.