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Curtis Litz

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Curtis Litz
Name Curtis Litz
Gender Male
Actor None

Curtis Litz is a character that Greg fabricates in Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Double Down. Susan Heffley tells Greg to prove that he is eating his fruit at school and to bring her an apple core. Greg forgets, and lies that a bully named Curtis Litz took it. Susan makes him write a letter telling Curtis that he needs his apple, and Greg then writes a response from Curtis, including a "rude drawing" of a butt. Greg's mother takes the letter to school and demands to speak with Curtis, and when they are unable to, Greg lies that Curtis is homeschooled.

At Church, Greg's family sits behind Tevin Bartleman and his family, and Susan gets angry at Tevin, due to him looking like Greg's descrpition of Curtis, telling his parents that Tevin is a "rotten kid" who steals apples. Greg feels bad for Tevin because he is a good kid and volunteers at a soup kitchen on Saturdays. Greg is shoved by Tevin at school, and now gives his apples to Rowley.