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Balloon Brigade

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The Balloon Brigade is where kids at Westmore Middle School release balloons into the air and hope whoever finds there responds with there location. Whoever's balloon goes the furthest get's a prize. The previous year the prize was a $30 gift certificate at the school book fair, won by Andrea Gennarro's balloon that had the furthest balloon distance at the time. This year's prize is candy corn in a large jar. Vice Principal Roy puts a thumbtack on a map in the library to show how far each balloon went. He also leads kids out on the field to release their balloons. However, their excitement did not last long because most of all balloons went straight into the new mobile-phone tower, which they built on the hill next to football field, therefore, none of their balloons had gone further. Luckily for Greg, his balloon weighed down by the letter he wrote and then his balloon went under the tower and it cleared the trees on the other side.