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Mr. Litch

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Mr. Litch



Age late 30s-40s
Gender Male
Actor Unknown Actor
"You need a haircut!"
—Mr. Litch yells at Rodrick

Mr. Litch (known as Mr. Keith in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid Online) was Greg's soccer coach in The Last Straw. Mr. Litch, to Greg, is the reason Rodrick does not do sports anymore and he even used to be his coach. He is an employee at Rec League Soccer, and Greg gets in trouble with him most of the time, since Greg himself is lazy and rude as some people believe. Greg thinks Mr. Litch used to learn all this stuff from boot camp. At the beginning of the soccer season, Greg ended up making the team lose, making the other kids on the team throw orange peels at him, ending the soccer season.


  • Mr. Litch is everything Greg dislikes - He is authoritative, rude, short-tempered, and shouts a lot. Not much is well known about him yet.

Online Appearance[edit]

  • In the online book, his name is Mr. Keith and Kenny Keith was his son. In the books, this isn't shown at all and in the book Kenny still appeared but he is not Mr. Litch's son.



  • On Day 37 of Diary of a Wimpy Kid Online, Greg said Kenny Keith was his son.[1]