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Mr. Gupta

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Mr. Gupta
Mr. Gupta.png
Age 40s-50s
Gender Male
Actor None

Mr. Gupta is Chirag Gupta's father.

Role in Rodrick Rules[edit]

He appeared in Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules. He called Susan Heffley and told her that Greg was the ringleader of the invisible Chirag joke. As a result, Susan drove to Mr. Gupta's house and made Greg apoligize to Chirag Gupta.

Role in Online Version[edit]

In the online version he is shown to be quite rich, as he had a very grand going away party and he even let Chirag have a going away party with his classmates, which according to Greg was quite splendid, as he received video games, a whoope cushion, x-ray goggles, candy and many other things there.

Appearance [edit]

He appears to be bald, wears glasses and he also has a mustache. He is similar in appearance to Dr. Kagan.

Unlike Chirag, he is shown to be quite tall, with Chirag not even reaching his waist.